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Leadership Series of Virtual Workshops

Feedback, Coaching, and Having Difficult Conversations in a Virtual World

Coaching and feedback are important tools for growth and development. Everyone needs feedback and coaching! Especially right now. This is not a time to let coaching and feedback go. In fact, it is a time where more coaching and feedback is required to keep people connected to the vision and organization, motivated and engaged, improving performance, and developing relationships.  It looks like a lot of people will continue to work from home as social distancing continues, and this means we must get comfortable with providing virtual feedback and coaching.

In our completely virtual world, performance issues are becoming obvious. This means that as well as engaging in feedback and coaching with the individual, we need to be able to engage in difficult conversations. And we need to do all of this virtually. Not only does this workshop teach feedback, coaching and difficult conversations, but it also gives participants a chance to experience these techniques in a virtual environment and raise their level of skill and confidence.

This is a highly interactive virtual workshop. You will work with your colleagues and practice feedback, coaching and having difficult conversations during this 2-part series. So, bring your challenges! You will get a chance to work with real scenarios and situations.

Program Features

  • 2 x 2.5 hour virtual workshops with a customized action learning assignment between sessions
  • Chat, annotation, breakout rooms, large group discussions, action planning


  • Leaders, managers, and supervisors

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits of feedback, coaching and having difficult conversations
  • Explore why these 3 critical skills are so difficult for us to engage in
  • Review the difference between coaching for development and coaching for performance
  • Explore 2 different coaching models
  • Understand when to provide feedback in a coaching session
  • Explore how to provide effective feedback
  • Practice coaching and feedback through breakout sessions
  • Discuss what makes difficult conversations difficult
  • Explore how to use the feedback model to have a difficult conversation
  • Practice, and get feedback on having a difficult conversation



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