Optimus SBR Data Services

Strategy &

Every organization’s data strategy must reflect the unique needs of their business.

We can help your organization design and build a tailored strategy to collect, store, manage, share, and use data to achieve your unique requirements.

How We Help

  • Data discovery - comprehensively assess current capabilities and provide a holistic view of data activities
  • Data maturity evaluation - assess and evaluate your organization’s maturity using industry standard frameworks
  • Data strategy development and roadmap construction - design a data strategy that aligns with business goals and allows your organization to derive value from data
  • Data governance - design and implement a framework to manage people, processes, and technology
  • Data classification - comply with regulations and best practices using a robust data classification and privacy methodology
  • Data policy development - nurture an enterprise-wide culture with a set of policies designed to ensure compliance
  • Data operating model - design and implement a data-centric operating model for your organization