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Managing Hybrid Teams

Adaptability and flexibility are key attributes that managers and leaders need to cultivate to effectively lead their teams in a hybrid work environment. By tailoring their leadership style, they can successfully engage and motivate their team members in a range of different work environments.

About Our Managing Hybrid Teams Training

Our interactive, virtual workshop on managing hybrid teams explores how to engage remote and hybrid teams by applying best practices, effective leadership skills, and leveraging the appropriate technology. Coaching, mentoring, managing performance, and building trust must all be accomplished using technology to facilitate highimpact interactions when working in a hybrid environment.

Audience: leaders, managers, supervisors

Delivery: in-person or virtual

Length: half-day or full day workshop

Features: interactive, group discussion, breakout rooms, polling, action planning, chat, annotation

Program Outcomes

At the end of the two-part managing remote and hybrid team training series, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the differences between leading face-to-face teams and hybrid and remote teams
  • List strengths and challenges of leading a hybrid team
  • Identify what team members in a hybrid working environment want from their team leader
  • Discuss best practices in building trust, being attentive, and effectively communicating with hybrid employees in different locations
  • Establish a team communication protocol with cross-cultural considerations
  • Identify which technologies can be used and when to increase team effectiveness
  • Apply tips to build trust with hybrid team members
  • Effectively manage hybrid and remote team performance
  • Apply tips for coaching team members in a hybrid team environment
  • Understand how to effectively reward and recognize hybrid employees
  • Demonstrate five leadership behaviors critical for success when leading hybrid and virtual teams

About the Instructors

Optimus SBR master facilitators enrich training with their wealth of knowledge and skills accumulated over decades of training thousands of leaders and employees across North America. Our facilitators are not just experts in their fields, they are passionate educators dedicated to engaging learners and ensuring that the knowledge is effectively transferred back to the workplace.

With a profound understanding of diverse learning needs and styles, our master facilitators work closely with you to customize learning content to meet your specific training needs, ensuring it resonates with learners and enhances the overall training impact.

Our master facilitators have a proven track record of consistently achieving scores above 4.7/5 on training evaluations – a testament to their commitment and proficiency.

Why Train with Optimus SBR?

Collaborative Learning, Lasting Impact

Through active involvement in dynamic real-world scenarios, participants of our hybrid team management training are encouraged to think critically, problem-solve, and collaborate. Our engaging learning experiences ensure that your team not only retains knowledge but empowers them to apply what they learn and drive real, long-lasting results. 

Strategic Alignment, Cultural Resonance 

We work closely with you to create customized training solutions rooted in adult learning principles. As your hybrid team management training partner, we ensure that every aspect of our programs aligns with your strategic objectives and the core values that define your organization. 

Grounded in Data

Our leading hybrid team training incorporates the most current data and trends on remote and hybrid work, providing insights and examples from your industry and sector to increase the relevance and applicability of the learning content.

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