Our services, processes, and frameworks inspire a sense of confidence that no matter how complex the situation, we’ll find clarity.


Our strategic services will provide you with the knowledge and decision-making support your business needs to move forward with confidence.


Process Management

Optimus SBR supports the full process lifecycle that can help ensure your organization is achieving greater operating efficiencies and improving margins.


Program & Project Management

Our solutions go beyond just ticking boxes; they involve working alongside your subject matter experts to get the work done.


Data & Analytics

Optimus SBR creates customized solutions that bring data to life through visualizations, reporting, and dashboarding.



We help bridge the gap, fill in the white space and align business and technology teams to ensure success.


Change Management

Optimus SBR leads change management initiatives and gives your team the opportunity to be heard, resulting in higher engagement and improved brand alignment.


Human Capital

From performance management and coaching to HR department transformation, we can help ensure your human capital is maximized to build the momentum needed when you need it most.


Learning & Development

We assess existing learning programs to design and develop scalable, experiential learning programs that are customized to your specific organization and can be provided virtually.




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