Optimus SBR Data Services


An analytics assessment is a critical starting point for any strategic analytics project.

We have a proven and rigorous approach to assess the data and analytics related capabilities and needs of an organization. It provides an actionable roadmap to build a strong, scalable environment for high-performance analytics - customized for your organization’s needs.

How We Help

  • Evaluate Data & Analytics Capabilities - employ our exclusive Analytics Assessment & Improvement Methodology (AAIM) to harness the data needed to make better decisions.
  • Integrate numerous data assets from multiple sources to use them more effectively.
  • Ensure the right people get the data they need and that it has passed rigorous automatic data quality validation.
  • Align and right-size technical infrastructure to meet your storage, sharing, and analysis needs.
  • Integrate key source data assets in a fully automated, quality controlled, monitored data pipeline for new business solutions.