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High Performance Team

Our high performance team training is a game-changing solution that transforms your teams to reach new heights of individual and collective performance.

Our High Performance Team Solutions

Our high performing team workshops enhance engagement, communication, collaboration, and resilience. By focusing on three key areas – people, performance, and process – these workshops create outstanding teams that are dedicated to achieving a common goal, and drive exceptional business results.

Generational Team Collaboration Training

Maximize collaboration within teams and across departments by leveraging the unique needs and strengths of each generation.

Resilience Training for Teams

Fortify teams to embrace change, adapt positively to pressure, and challenge them to achieve higher levels of personal and team effectiveness.

Selling to Different Generations Training

Empower sales teams to tap into the values, expectations, and buying motivations of each generation to enhance customer relationships and sales. 

Customer Service Across the Generations Training

Equip teams with in-depth insights and dynamic techniques to deliver outstanding customer experiences tailored to each generation’s unique needs and expectations. 



What Our Clients Say

“Optimus SBR has been an excellent partner over the last few months as we developed content and then the facilitator taught the “Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce” workshop. Partnering with a Senior Vice President, she facilitated the workshop in the Americas, Europe and Asia. In all three theatres it was extremely well received – prompting much conversation and discussion.

Optimus SBR’s commitment to customer service, plus their extensive knowledge on the subject of all of the generations in the workforce, today, has been of great benefit to us in this process.”

Senior Manager, Global IT and Communications Industry

Why Work With Optimus SBR as Your Team Performance Training Partner?

The Power of Generational Insights

Our exclusive generational research offers groundbreaking insights into the unique approaches of different generations that influence team collaboration and contribute to employee engagement and motivation

Trusted Team Performance Training Across Sectors

With over 65,000 individuals trained globally and cutting-edge research at our fingertips, we offer unmatched expertise in team performance training and consulting services for leaders. Our impressive track record includes success stories in the private and public sectors, not-for-profit organizations, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Trust our proven strategies to propel your organization forward.

Strategic Alignment, Cultural Resonance:

As your partner, we ensure that every facet of our high performance team workshops for leaders align with your strategic objectives, as well as the core values and culture that define your organization. Our approach isn’t just about team training; it’s about creating a learning path that propels your organization forward on a shared journey of growth.

Grounded in Data

Our team performance workshops are based on the results of individual and team assessments that provide valuable insights on how to enhance team collaboration and harness strengths for even greater success. 

The Benefits of Driving Team Performance

  • Elevates Engagement and Productivity: High performing team members experience higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction which contribute to a greater sense of purpose and achievement. Building high performing teams advances collaboration and communication, provides opportunities for growth and development, and ultimately increases productivity and success for individuals, the team, and the entire organization.
  • Improves Problem-Solving: High-performing teams utilize their combined expertise and different perspectives to overcome challenges, solve complex problems, and find successful solutions. Leadership is the cornerstone of your company's culture. Our leadership development courses emphasize aligning leadership behaviors with your organization's values. As leaders embody these values, a culture of integrity, collaboration, and respect emerges—creating a workplace that attracts, retains, and nurtures top talent.
  • Sparks Innovation and Creativity: The collaboration, open communication, and trust prevalent in high performance teams encourage diverse perspectives and skills, leading to breakthrough innovations and creative solutions from team leaders and each team member.
  • Cultivates Adaptability, Raises Resilience: The ability to quickly assess and adjust to changing circumstances makes high-performing teams more adaptable. They leverage their diverse skills and perspectives to find innovative solutions and develop a strong sense of trust and collaboration that allows them to overcome challenges with agility and resilience.
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