Learning & Enablement

At Optimus SBR, we know first-hand that building a great team is about attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent.

To help our clients create high performing teams that produce results, we provide both off-the-shelf and unique, customized learning programs across a wide range of topics. Our difference is that we leverage our research, expertise, and deep insights around how to engage a multigenerational workforce to create learning that is highly relevant and impactful.

We incorporate “deliberate practice” to simulate real-world interactions and design a high-impact experience to drive behavioural change.

We have a versatile, data-driven, and proven approach that ensures learning outcomes are achieved.

We partner with clients to create scalable, targeted, experiential learning programs that enhance people leadership, employee engagement, team collaboration, and performance results. Our programs are customized to best meet your organization’s specific needs and are delivered through in-person, virtual, or hybrid learning sessions.

Guided by adult learning principles, research, and experiential learning, our programs are designed to sustain and reinforce key learning concepts based on the needs of your audience.