Data that
drives decisions.

Optimus SBR is an independently owned management consulting firm that works with organizations across North America to help get done what isn’t. Our recent acquisition of Unilytics, a leading data analytics firm, supports our commitment to deliver a wider, deeper scope of data services. Optimus SBR Data is rooted in the proven practices and methodologies from our management consulting business and enhanced by Unilytics’ deep expertise in data and analytics. The results? Actionable insights that help drive your business forward. ​

Move Forward with Data​

Data is everywhere. We rely on it to support decisions, make strategic moves, and set policies. But decision-making on bad data, or data that isn’t complete, can quickly spell disaster for your business. Investing in building out your organization’s data capabilities is a key strategic investment you can make to ensure efficient, client centric, and innovative products and services.  

We help you find your way

Starting with our Analytics Assessment & Improvement Methodology, we help you build analytics capabilities and systems as unique as your business.

What We Do

The story of your business is found in your data, so your solutions need to be unique to you, aligning with your organizational needs, priorities, and capabilities.

As a truly data driven organization, you will derive more value from data to gain competitive advantage in your industry.

Whether you are trying to align your program with business priorities, create a better governance structure, or make sense of the information you have, we empower our clients to get to the “so what” with confidence.

We draw on expertise across multiple technology platforms and data disciplines ensuring a solution that fits your needs.

Our work

Ready to see how we've helped our clients solve their data challenges? Take a look at our case studies and sample dashboards to see our solutions in action. ​