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Team Building Series of Virtual Workshops

Enhancing Hybrid Team Collaboration & Communication

As we adapt to our new work environment where collaboration and communication must occur in a hybrid environment, team members must be able to engage, with each other in ways that increase trust, collaboration, respect and inclusion of diverse employees.

While the principles of strong collaboration and communication don’t change, what is new is how to demonstrate them appropriately and effectively in a hybrid environment. Employees must be able to leverage technology properly to ensure they are building trust, leveraging verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately, and being inclusive.

In this workshop we focus on the characteristics of high performing teams and how to demonstrate those qualities while working on a hybrid team. We explore behaviors that build or erode trust and ways to increase collaboration. We then explore key principles for effective communication.

In small groups, participants discuss techniques to improve team collaboration and communication by selecting the right technology for the right outcome. Participants will also be able to layer on a generational perspective to their communication to ensure they are engaging their diverse colleagues.

Program Features

  • 2 × 2.5 hour virtual workshops with a customized action learning assignment in between sessions
  • Chat, annotation, breakout rooms, large group discussions, action planning


  • Employees at all levels or mixed audience (leaders and employees)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • State the definition of a high-performing team
  • Evaluate the team based on competencies of high-performing teams
  • Analyze personal behaviors that build or erode trust
  • Identify opportunities to create more collaborative relationships
  • Demonstrate the principles of effective communication including active listening
  • Identify the right technology to use for different outcomes
  • Layer on a generational perspective to communication and collaboration


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