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Data Management Maturity Assessment & Enhancement

Maximize the Value of Your Data by Achieving the “Right” Level of Data Maturity

The “right” level of data maturity is arguably an organization’s most powerful asset.

Discover the power of informed, data-driven decisions with DM-Evolution, Optimus SBR’s proprietary data management maturity assessment and enhancement process. This is not just a standard data maturity model – we use DM-Evolution to assist your organization in your data maturity journey, unlocking the full potential of your data to achieve your business goals.

DM-Evolution is a unique approach to assessing your current level of data maturity and then leveraging data use cases to determine the “right” level of data maturity to meet your organization’s data needs. This approach guides you from where you are to where you should be, with an actionable roadmap detailing how to get there.


Data Management Maturity Assessment & Enhancement Process

To Begin Your Data Management Evolution

Why is Data Management Maturity Important?

To effectively leverage data as a strategic asset, organizations require a blend of several components. These include a mix of resource skills capacity, unified processes, and broad, interrelated data knowledge areas (KAs).

Optimus SBR’s DM-Evolution is used to provide organizations on their data journey with insight into their current and future state maturity levels across eleven distinct knowledge areas. KAs are the distinctive fields of expertise necessary to manage your data successfully. These involve a range of procedures and methodologies designed to maintain data integrity, accessibility, reliability, and relevance. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your data serves as a valuable and efficient resource for your business objectives.

Data Knowledge Areas

  1. Data Governance
  2. Metadata
  3. Data Quality
  4. Data Architecture
  5. Data Integration & Interoperability
  6. Data Modelling & Design
  7. Data Security
  8. Data Storage & Operations
  9. Document & Content Management
  10. Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  11. Reference & Master Data

Having a better understanding of your organization’s maturity across these KAs empowers your organization to treat data as a strategic asset. The assessment results are a great starting point for organizations looking to develop a value-driven framework to enhance their data capabilities.

Where Are We? Data Management Maturity Assessment  

Our data management maturity assessment framework determines your organization’s current capabilities in terms of data maturity. With DM-Evolution, we employ industry standard frameworks such as the Data Management Association Maturity Model (DAMA) and the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM). Following this comprehensive analysis, next steps involve data use case identification and strategic roadmap development. Our team provides the tools and insights needed to implement recommended improvements that will ensure a tailored strategy that enhances your data management practices.

Where Should We Be? Data Use Case Approach

“Where should we be?” is the question that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often struggle to answer. We use our exclusive DM-Evolution methodology to help you determine the “right” level of data maturity – the level that meets the data requirements of your distinctive business. This process starts with the end in mind… “how should our data be leveraged as a strategic asset to maximize its value?”

Data Use Case Approach: Improve Your Organization’s Ability to Use Data

DM-Evolution’s data use case approach is a proven strategy designed to improve the way your organization manages data. By identifying well-defined data use cases, your data management investments will align with your business goals and objectives. Our use case process actively involves senior leaders to facilitate organizational clarity and buy-in to support the implementation of the governance, people, process, and technology capabilities required to capture, store, and use data effectively.

When use cases are driven by business needs, such as increasing customer/client satisfaction, integrating multiple systems for comprehensive analytics, or ensuring data meets quality requirements, the organization can ensure its data-related investments focus on enhancing the specific data knowledge areas required to achieve maximum value.

The DM-Evolution assessment’s key findings will produce a comparison of your current vs. recommended data management capabilities.

DM-Evolution Report (Example)

How Do We Get There? Data Maturity Assessment Roadmap

Once your current state data management maturity has been assessed and you’ve completed the use case selection process, you’ll know where you are and where you want to be. But how do you get there? The DM-Evolution approach leverages your use case selection to craft a strategic roadmap tailored to meet your unique business objectives. This actionable implementation roadmap will take you from your current state data capabilities to your desired state. Achieve your goals, empower your organization, and enhance your business value with our custom-designed DM-Evolution Roadmap.

DM-Evolution – Data Management Maturity Roadmap


Contact Optimus SBR today to launch your journey with DM-Evolution. By embracing data management maturity, you’re not just keeping pace with industry standards—you’re setting the bar. Take the first confident step towards data excellence and realize the remarkable potential that lies within your organization. Propel your company to the forefront of data-driven success—contact us and turn your data into a decisive business advantage.

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DM-Evolution Data Management Maturity Model, Assessment, and Enhancement

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