An independent consultancy with a Bold Attitude.

Optimus SBR is an independently owned management consulting firm that helps leading firms get done what isn't.

Your Advantage

No preconceived notions.
No assumptions.
No nonsense.

By maintaining our independent ownership structure, we’re free to boldly think beyond the confines of traditional norms for exponentially greater results.

This independence gives us a unique, unbiased, and unfettered perspective on your most pressing issues.

Our specialty is integrating ourselves within client teams so we can establish true partnerships, better understand their specific needs, and tailor solutions that more effectively address their biggest challenges. We don’t prescribe predetermined answers; we ensure we’re asking the right questions. We work collaboratively with our clients to find and execute real-world answers.

Clients know that working with us means they can get back to spending their days envisioning what’s possible while we take care of problems and hit the ground running. At Optimus SBR, we make what seems overwhelming look easy and find clarity through the clouds.

Our Team

Our senior leadership team comes from a range of backgrounds to support the broad array of challenges today's organizations face.
Photograph of Kevin Gauci

Kevin Gauci

Kevin Gauci is one of the founders and Chief Executive Officer at Optimus SBR. Kevin focuses on the overall strategy for the firm, championing our culture, and guiding the executive team. A passionate leader, Kevin empowers the team to challenge the status quo and ask the right questions. His contagious enthusiasm and entrepreneurial ethos inspires the growth and bold attitude of the firm.

Photograph of Joe Oppedisano

Joe Oppedisano

Joe Oppedisano is one of the founders and Director at Optimus SBR. A calculated risk taker, Joe focuses his attention on our growth and business development strategies. His quick wit and relaxed demeanor is a welcome presence in and out of the office. A skilled communicator, Joe excels at building relationships and guides the team to do the same.

Carolyn Kingaby

Carolyn Kingaby leads our Financial Service Group. In addition to advising her clients, Carolyn is responsible for the growth of the practice and of her team. Her 30 years of industry experience is an invaluable resource to her group, and she inspires her team to excel. Carolyn’s focus on the customer experience, instinct for innovative problem solving, and ability to develop solutions that inspires and ensures her ability to deliver the utmost value for her clients.

Terri Lohnes

Terri Lohnes leads our Industries and Government Practice. She focuses her time on supporting her clients and teams, while driving our growth strategy within our public and private practices. A driven leader and creative problem solver, Terri brings over 20 years of experience in public and private organizations. Terri brings a wealth of valued experience to her team and clients alike. Her commitment to building lasting partnerships is apparent in her ability to provide innovative solutions and effectively tackling clients’ challenges.


Peter Snelling

Peter Snelling leads our Sales and Relationships efforts. With over 30 years of experience, he is an engaging and empowering leader who excels at designing and implementing innovative strategies to drive growth and performance improvement by crafting pragmatic solutions to complex challenges. He works with organizations to create excitement and commitment in improving their operations, embed service excellence, boost the corporate profile, and accelerate growth.

John Whincup

John Whincup is one of the founders and Director at Optimus SBR. John’s passion for solving complex challenges with innovative and creative approaches helped to lay the foundation for our consulting practice. An entrepreneur at heart, John has built several successful businesses in his nearly 40 year career prior to Optimus SBR and is quick to share his knowledge with organizations of all sizes to capitalize on opportunities to maximize potential. Clients look to John for his advice, calm rationale, and sector expertise. As a trusted business advisor, John is a mentor to emerging leaders.

Mike Bingham

Mike Bingham is a Director at Optimus SBR and responsible for leading the strategy of our Travel vertical. With more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, Mike is a true thought leader in the areas of Travel & Expense Management. His calming presence and thoughtful approach to business challenges inspires his team and clients alike to push the status quo and think differently about opportunities.

Bill Carrigan

Bill Carrigan is a Director and leads the Risk practice at Optimus SBR. A strategic thinker, Bill leverages his relationships with clients and partners to build rapport and develop creative solutions to their biggest challenges. Bill has over 35 years of experience and a successful track record of directing and managing numerous initiatives in partnership with senior executives and broad stakeholder groups.

James Lowe

James Lowe is a Director at Optimus SBR and responsible for our Travel Sourcing and Optimization practice. He brings 25 years of senior level consulting experience to the team, and is committed to delivering tangible value for our clients. James embodies entrepreneurial spirit, having started a myriad of businesses throughout the years, and instills that into the team.

Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor is the Head of Finance at Optimus SBR. Raj brings over 20 years of valuable senior financial and corporate managerial experience from a number of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. He excels at marrying the definitive nature of accounting with the nuances of a high growth firm.

Bonnie Ryan

Bonnie Ryan is the Head of People and Employee Experience at Optimus SBR. Bonnie brings over 20 years of a unique blend expertise in human resources, business acumen, and operational excellence to our business. A true champion, Bonnie is a strong advocate for maintaining a culture that supports the goals of not only our people and our business, but also our clients.

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson leads our Technology practice. Doug’s 30 years of experience in IT & Strategy consulting coupled with enterprise program delivery and CIO-level roles means he’s uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between business and technology teams. Having lived on both the client and service provider sides of the fence, Doug applies a pragmatic approach to delivering technology solutions that make sense, and empowers his team to do the same.

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