Case Study: Strategy & Governance

Strategy for Data Driven Product Management


Not-for-profit organizations capture a tremendous amount of data every year, but too few leverage the data analysis process to make proactive, evidence based decisions that enhance operations.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to build a solution to support mid-level staff in making data-driven decisions for managing the products serving the membership network. The initiative was sponsored by the VP of Improvement Services who wanted to understand the usage pattern of individual products across the globe and dig deeper into the key contributing factors. This would, in turn, enable the business and operations leadership to plan and customize services in a more objective manner guided by concrete information. The solution would also eliminate dependency on the Research & Analytics team for creating on-demand datasets for specific usage analysis requests.

The Solution

Our data team conducted a thorough assessment of the existing processes and came up with a series of recommendations to address the challenges faced by the client. We collaborated with the client’s management team to formulate a multi-pronged approach to achieve the desired analytical functionality and maturity. Based on the timeline, priorities, and technology constraints, a roadmap was drawn with short, medium, and long-term objectives.

To enable the client to achieve the immediate goal of understanding the product utilization and member engagement, our team designed and developed an interactive dashboard portal using Tableau. Collaborating closely with key personnel from a broad cross-section of the client’s organization, we identified 7 products based on their data maturity and functional significance for the initial phase. KPIs were defined for each product and high-impact visualizations were designed to facilitate quick comprehension. Our experts also worked closely with the IT department to ensure the Tableau infrastructure was deployed and configured optimally to ensure it scales up smoothly as the organization goes through a rapid adoption curve.

With the long-term objectives in mind, our data team collaborated with the client to define and refine strategies for integrating over 1200 data streams across the organization for analytics purpose.

The Results

  • Reduced Processing Time - The Dashboard Portal helped the client cut down the processing time for analysis from weeks to a matter of seconds.
  • Increased Accuracy and Efficiencies - The manual activity that encumbered the Research and Analytics team was eliminated, allowing employees to focus their efforts on other work
  • Consistent User Experience - The solution also provided a unified view of the products, allowing management to juxtapose the products and analyze them under commensurable conditions
KPIs defined and high impact visualizations designed for quick understanding of product utilization and member engagement
Developed strategies to integrate over 1200 data streams for improved analytics
Reduced processing time for analysis from weeks to seconds