Optimus SBR Data Services

Tableau Consulting Services

Focus on driving your business while we do the heavy-lifting with your data.

Your organization may not have the time, resources, or specialized Tableau Desktop or Tableau Cloud skills to turn your data into actionable insights. As Canada’s largest independently-owned management consultancy, we offer Tableau software consulting to help customers by filling in the gaps where business intelligence skills or resources are lacking. We provide a full range of business intelligence support services including Data Preparation/ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Enrichment, Tableau Dashboard Creation, and Tableau Training.

With our Tableau consulting expertise, we can help you build an end-to-end BI reporting system: connecting disparate data sources, bringing them together into a unified reporting database, and creating insightful Tableau dashboards. Let us do the heavy lifting with your data, so you can make the most of your Tableau investment to gain valuable insights that enable more informed decisions to drive long-term success for your business!


How We Help

  • Structure & Visualize Data

    There’s no need for you to spend valuable time and resources wrestling with your data. We can help connect and integrate your data from multiple sources for optimal data visualization in Tableau.
  • Assist with Tableau Dashboards

    Sometimes you don’t have the time or specialized skill set to do it yourself. We can provide high-level guidance, optimize insight, performance, and aesthetics for Tableau dashboards you've already built, or help you start your visual analytics journey from scratch.
  • Provide Expert-Level Support

    You may have a highly talented IT team but creating an environment for data-driven decision-making demands a very different set of skills. Our Tableau consultants can be your extended BI team and play a key part in your business intelligence strategy!
  • Train Your Staff to Use Tableau

    With so many capabilities, Tableau can seem daunting to learn. We can help with live, online or in-person Tableau courses led by certified Tableau experts, so you benefit from a hands-on, interactive learning experience.