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Play It Forward 2023


Under the banner of “Pirates of Optimus”, our hearty crew of buccaneers rallied to raise an astonishing $37,000 at our 10th annual Play It Forward (PIF) fundraising bash. Two worthy charities, Fort York Food Bank and Engage and Change were the fortunate recipients of our high-seas heroism.

Charted and navigated by our Corporate Social Responsibility and Ministry of Fun committees, the evening showcased the unique, compassionate, and bold culture at Optimus. Decks were awash with food and grog, a raffle, silent auction, and costume contest. The revelry hit full sail during our first ever Optimus Idol, featuring a live band karaoke and spirited performances from employees across all levels of the organization.








From Spice Girls and Miley Cyrus, to Oasis and Olivia Newton John, our crew took to the stage, mic in hand, and dared to unleash their inner rockstars, all in the name of Playing It Forward.





But that’s not all. We set our sights beyond the horizon, extending the reach of PIF by tapping into our external networks via the Community Care Kit Challenge. Generous donations of Hygiene, Winter Warmth, and Greatest Needs Kits from our networks swelled the support for our partner charities and the community.

The abundance of giving at this year’s Play It Forward event truly reflects the heart of the Optimus culture and our commitment to social impact and community support. As we continue our voyage, we remain steadfast in our mission, always ready to Play It Forward.

About Our Charities

Fort York Food Bank (FYFB): A vital service that aims to prevent homelessness of Toronto’s most vulnerable groups. They help feed those in need and provide counselling, training, and advocacy services.

Engage and Change: Provides opportunities for individuals and companies to engage in hands-on group volunteer projects that assemble kits to help alleviate poverty. Kits are distributed directly to local communities through frontline social service agencies and homeless shelters directly to those in need.

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