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Play It Forward 2022


Optimus SBR is elated to be donating a record-breaking $42,779 to our partner charities, raised during our 9th annual Play It Forward (PIF) fundraising event.

On Thursday, October 27th, we blasted into the future with a Sci-Fi themed PIF event for 2022. After 2 years of being apart due to Covid, PIF was live and in person this year…and the Force was with us! As with every PIF event, our colleagues were encouraged to dress the part, and did they ever! We had Jedis and Droids from Star Wars, children of Zion and agents from The Matrix, researchers from Jurassic Park, Terminators, and Trekkies, just to name a few.

Hosted by our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ministry of Fun (MoF) committees, PIF is one of Optimus SBR’s marquee events that celebrates our culture and provides an opportunity to socialize with colleagues, all while raising funds to support two great local charities who “Play It Forward” everyday, Fort York Food Bank (FYFB) and Engage and Change. The entire event, including food, beverages, decorations, and prizes, is funded or donated by Optimus SBR and local businesses. This means 100% of the funds raised go directly to our charities.

PIF involves a variety of fundraising activities that culminate in a mega event with a silent auction, a raffle, games, challenges, fun, and generous donations from Optimus SBR employees! This year the silent auction and raffle prizes included golf packages, signed sports jerseys, plane rides, skeet shooting, wine tours, and more. Our committees also led a series of live auction games and challenges to drive donations. New tiers were unlocked as friendly competition became heated and participants outbid each other to shatter all initial targets!

This year, for the first time, we decided to open PIF to our wider network to increase our impact in the community. We reached out to friends, family, and colleagues through email, LinkedIn, and other channels to donate Hygiene Kits, Winter Warmth Kits, and “Greatest Needs” Kits to support our partner charities.

A Bit About Our Partner Charities

Fort York Food Bank (FYFB): A vital service that aims to prevent homelessness of Toronto’s most vulnerable groups. They help feed those in need and provide counselling, training, and advocacy services.

Engage and Change: Help assemble and distribute survival kits that provide essential supplies needed by Toronto’s homeless and less fortunate to survive on the streets.

At Optimus SBR we have been giving back to our community for over 10 years, and we’re not about to stop now! Every year PIF gets bigger and better with higher employee engagement, more elaborate costumes, zanier  games, and more donations. The $42,779 raised during PIF this year smashed our previous record of $24,000. It’s going to be pretty hard to outdo ourselves next year, but we’re up for it!

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