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Accountability Framework® System

Success in the corporate world is dependent on many different elements of organizational strategy and execution. In order to stay focused on the key elements of high performance, executives require an integrated mechanism to plan, execute, and track major initiatives.

With you, we can build a unique, tested, and proven Accountability Framework® System to help you align your organization to a common vision, create an environment where everyone can contribute to your goals, and let natural leaders propel your organization forward. The benefits of the Accountability Framework® System are clear. It will enable you to deliver on your strategy by:

  • Providing clarity to your organization’s vision
  • Driving alignment of strategy implementation with vision
  • Creating impact immediately and in the long term
  • Ensuring accountability across the entire organization
  • Building engagement to achieve results

Furthermore, the Accountability Framework® System is a unique tool that is easy to implement, builds on your existing work, and is complementary to existing initiatives. It is easily communicated; engaging people at all levels throughout your organization, and delivers immediate results. It is a proven approach that has been successfully implemented in organizations in both the private and public sectors for over 25 years.

The Accountability Framework®  System uses five steps to create total strategy implementation and employee alignment with everyone pulling in the same direction.  These steps include: Accountability Framework®, Action Plan, Organizational Scorecard, Role Maps®, and Individual Contribution Assessment.


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