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Optimus and Kemerer Group Merge


Optimus Consulting Group and Kemerer Group Inc. announced today the closing of the agreement to merge their operations and jointly purchase the assets of SBR Global.  The merger and purchase is a bold move made during a time of resurging small business owner confidence.   It is also a home coming of sorts for the owners of Optimus Consulting and Kemerer Group given that all three have worked at SBR Global at some point during their careers.

Based on statistics from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, confidence among Canada’s small and mid-sized business owners has been resurging after trending lower in the previous four months and in Ontario is currently “at its highest level since May”.  As proof of this recent trend, Kevin Gauci and Joe Oppedisano of Optimus Consulting Group and John Whincup of Kemerer Group Inc. decided the time was right to merge their complementary operations and purchase of the assets of SBR Global which was on the market due to the untimely passing of its founder.

Moving swiftly and working through many late nights of planning and negotiations, the three owners developed a plan, arranged financing, and negotiated the purchase of the firm. “Having first hand knowledge of how the business was run, we’re confident that the purchase of SBR Global will reveal significant opportunities for growth in the new consolidated operations by providing more highly skilled resources, a broader solution set, and a larger breadth of expertise to better meet the needs of the new collective client base.” said Mr. Whincup.  “We’re excited about the opportunity this represents for our current clients who have been demanding more resources from us.  We’re also really looking forward to going back to where we got our start in Consulting almost 10 years ago and building a firm that everyone from the owners to newly hired employees can be proud to be a part of.” said Mr. Gauci.

SBR Global’s extensive library of policy and procedures is almost legendary in the Toronto management consulting community. The full suite of documented policy and procedures is what allows SBR Global to quickly ramp up talent.  It includes detailed guidelines for operations on everything from how to manage engagements through to the internal training programs recommended to maintain the highest level of mental acuity.“ Having gone through the rigorous training and vetting process of SBR Global, we know that the quality of talent in the firm is very high” said Mr. Oppedisano.

SBR Global and Optimus Consulting Group both have successful track records working with most of the top Canadian Companies in banking, insurance, mining and utilities. Their primary offerings are very similar which will facilitate integration. Kemerer Group has a practice focusing on public sector clients and has a proprietary tool called the Accountability Framework® System which has already been successfully licensed and used by Optimus Consulting Group with its own clients.  “The framework for extending existing services across client bases is already there.  We’re also looking forward to reconnecting with past clients of SBR Global, Optimus Consulting Group, and Kemerer Group to tell them the news of the merger and about our new joint capabilities.”

The three owners are indeed very optimistic about the future. The new firm combines the strengths of all three businesses and fit very well together.  The consolidated firm’s offering will include strategy and leadership development, process and implementation planning, and the project management and consulting services required to deliver results.

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