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Leadership Series of Virtual Workshops

Successfully Leading Through Change

Change is constant in organizations, yet employees and managers alike are often ill prepared to navigate the change process. How you respond to change affects your stress level and performance level on a daily basis.

From budget cuts, to changes in leadership, to downsizing, to new processes, employees today need to adapt to change and be able to quickly move through the stages of change to embrace the new direction.

So how do you respond to change? How do you lead in a changing environment? Change is always difficult. It’s not the process to change it that creates a problem. It’s how do we respond to the changes we are facing. Not all people respond to change the same way.

In this workshop you will understand the stages of change and the different responses to change and how we all react to the change process. You will learn how to manage yourself and your employees through change, while reducing the impact on productivity. We will provide strategies to help you improve your ability to support and lead your employees through change.

Change will not go away…but you can become more effective in leading through it.

Program Features

  • 2 × 2.5 hour virtual workshops with a customized action learning assignment between sessions
  • Chat, annotation, breakout rooms, large group discussions, action planning


  • Leaders, managers, and supervisors

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your role as a change leader
  • Experience the impact change has on people within the organization
  • Describe the 5 types of change and the impact of each on your department
  • Identify different responses to change and how to manage those responses
  • Communicate effectively during change
  • Provide support and lead your employees through change by:
  • Setting clear expectations and goals
  • Providing ongoing communication and feedback
  • Managing outcomes and encouraging accountability
  • Create a change communication and support plan for your team
  • Chat, annotation, breakout rooms, large group discussions, action planning


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