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Business Etiquette Training

Business etiquette training is the ultimate compass for early-career talent, guiding employees through the intricate nuances of the business landscape. With our expert coaching, feedback, and insights, they’ll master the art of collaboration and communication etiquette, seamlessly bridging generational gaps to connect with a diverse range of colleagues and leaders.

About Our Business Etiquette Training

Custom designed for the unique needs of early career Gen Z employees, our essential business etiquette workshop ensures interns and new graduates grasp the organization’s expectations and the importance of proper etiquette in the workplace. 

As the work environment becomes more diverse, with multiple generational identities, early career talent must understand how to navigate the business environment to successfully collaborate and communicate with Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial colleagues and leaders.

Each generational identity translates into different values, expectations, and behaviors at work, leading to misunderstanding and confusion. The youngest generation often does not have a frame of reference to the values, expectations, and behaviors that are the foundation of an organization’s culture.

This highly interactive workshop educates Gen Zs and/or Millennials about the other three generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Gen Xers). Young employees explore how their views and perspectives may differ from those of their colleagues and managers.

We discuss the differences between intent and impact, and what behaviors may be negatively perceived by senior leaders and why. We then explore how to actively participate in creating an engaging organizational culture and how to take a collaborative approach with colleagues and leaders.

We also take an external view and evaluate how to demonstrate appropriate behaviors with clients to ensure relationships are positive, productive, and solution-focused. We evaluate the best communication methods and highlight how to engage different generations of colleagues and customers through effective communication techniques.

Each participant leaves the program with career development tips that set them up for success as they launch their careers.

Audience: up to 25 graduates/interns/emerging talent

Delivery: in-person or virtual

Length: half-day or full day workshop

Features: interactive, group discussion, breakout rooms, polling, action planning, chat, annotation

Program Outcomes

At the end of our understanding the business environment training for new graduates, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key characteristics of each generation’s identity
  • Understand how generational identities translate into behaviors in the modern workplace
  • Describe the difference between intent and impact
  • Apply tips for effective communication
  • Identify actions that support building a collaborative relationship with leaders, colleagues, and clients
  • Apply career development tips
  • Apply collaboration tips

About the Instructors

Optimus SBR master facilitators enrich training with their wealth of knowledge and skills accumulated over decades of training thousands of leaders and employees across North America. Our facilitators are not just experts in their fields, they are passionate educators dedicated to engaging learners and ensuring that the knowledge is effectively transferred back to the workplace.

With a profound understanding of diverse learning needs and styles, our master facilitators work closely with you to customize learning content to meet your specific training needs, ensuring it resonates with learners and enhances the overall training impact.

Our master facilitators have a proven track record of consistently achieving scores above 4.7/5 on training evaluations – a testament to their commitment and proficiency.

Why Train with Optimus SBR?

The Power of Generational Insights

Our exclusive generational research offers groundbreaking insights on the unique approaches of different generations that have a measurable impact on team collaboration and cultivate customer loyalty. 

Collaborative Learning, Lasting Impact

Through active involvement in dynamic real-world scenarios, participants of our business navigation course are encouraged to think critically, problem-solve, and collaborate. Our engaging learning experiences ensure that your team not only retains knowledge but empowers them to apply what they learn and drive real, long-lasting results. 

Strategic Alignment, Cultural Resonance

We work closely with you to create customized training solutions rooted in adult learning principles. As your business etiquette training partner, we ensure that every aspect of our programs align with your strategic objectives and the core values that define your organization. 

Grounded in Data

Our workshops incorporate the most current data and trends on each topic. We tailor the content to provide insights and examples from your industry and sector to increase the relevance and applicability of the learning content.

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