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Tableau Instructor-Led Training

Better Business Intelligence is Just a Tableau Course Away

Learn the technical skills you need to start turning your data into insights with a Tableau online or onsite training course from professional Tableau consultants. Our instructors know Tableau inside out as well as how it is applied in the real world of business.

Choose between our live, instructor-led, virtual or in-person Tableau corporate training courses. For groups of four or more, we maximize the impact of Tableau training by customizing the curriculum to make sure we cover the topics that are most relevant to your group’s specific business intelligence and data visualization needs. Get the training you want, when you want it!

With all of our courses rated at +91%, you can be confident that our Tableau training will help you create better data visualizations to improve business intelligence and make better business decisions. We have online and onsite Tableau business intelligence training options for every skill level regardless of your prior technical knowledge, so you can take full advantage of this powerful data visualization tool.

How We Help

  • Tableau Desktop – Essentials

    Gain fundamental Tableau skills to visualize data, use various visual types, connect to data, create basic calculations, build interactive dashboards, share data visualizations, and more in our Introduction to Tableau classes!
  • Tableau Desktop—Essentials PLUS

    This online Tableau corporate training course combines aspects from both Essentials and Master training. This 3-day course will introduce you to Tableau fundamentals. It adds an additional day to the regular 2-day Essentials course to enhance your Tableau skills by exploring more complex and advanced Tableau data visualization capabilities and techniques.
  • Tableau Desktop – Advanced

    An accelerated Tableau Master Training course for those who have completed the Tableau Essentials Training course or equivalent and are interested in more advanced data visualization and business intelligence topics.
  • Tableau Desktop – Master Training

    Master Tableau Desktop by learning to build complex, dynamic visuals in this advanced Tableau business intelligence training for experienced Tableau users. We will do deep dives into the nine different types of filters in Tableau; advanced table calculations; dynamic, multi-level sets; level of detail expressions, custom mapping, and multi-pass table calculations.
  • Tableau Data Visualization Best Practices

    Gain a thorough understanding of how visual design impacts the effectiveness of a dashboard. Our Tableau learning for business users is designed to give analysts a basic understanding of Tableau and how to define requirements for new dashboards. The Tableau training course will explore specific best practices for dashboard performance, data visualization, and distribution.

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