Optimus SBR Data Services

Tableau Embedded Analytics Consulting

Create a Seamless Experience for Your Customers with Tableau Embedded Analytics.

Tableau Embedded Analytics integrates powerful BI capabilities directly into your applications, products, and web portals. With embedded analytics, your staff and customers will have rich content, data, and analytics embedded directly in their products to help them derive actionable insights and make better data-driven decisions. When done correctly, it bypasses the problem of toggling between two separate systems, saving you time and enabling your teams to have greater control over the process. With Tableau Embedded Analytics, you can merge employee workflow and contextual insight to deliver the most timely and relevant insights into your user workflow with minimum disruption.

As a Tableau Embedded Analytics consultancy firm, Optimus SBR has extensive experience embedding Tableau into end-user products, including Salesforce, web apps, portals, and hosted or on-premise software products, to enhance your data analytics experience. Through our Tableau consulting services, Optimus SBR can help design a robust solution and navigate the necessities of data acquisition and seamless integration via ETL processes, single sign-on, enterprise-grade security, and out-of-the-box high availability at scale.

How We Help

  • Improve data-driven decision-making

    Optimus SBR uses Tableau to build interactive dashboards once and then load filtered data according to users' permissions. This way, we’ll ensure you aren’t creating custom content over and over – and people only see the data that’s meant for them.
  • Gain a competitive advantage

    With Tableau Embedded Analytics, we’ll help you improve performance and add value to your offering, allowing your customers to do more and embrace your products. Your customers will have a way to ask questions and find meaningful insights from within your application. You’ll also be able to deliver more value, which boosts end-user adoption and creates loyal customers.
  • Create new revenue streams

    With Tableau implementation, Optimus SBR will help you utilize Tableau Embedded Analytics to create differentiated and premium offerings that drive engagement, stickiness, and additional revenue from your existing products.
  • Get to market faster

    By incorporating proven technology such as Tableau into your system, we will save you time by delivering data solutions significantly faster than it would take to build your own data analytics solutions from scratch.