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Team Building Series of Virtual Workshops

Raising Your Resilience

Research has shown that high levels of resilience can deliver valuable outcomes for individuals, helping people recover faster from difficulties, reduce stress, improve job performance, and sustain higher levels of wellbeing and fulfillment at work.

Resilience has implications for organizations as well, especially during times of change. Having teams who are resilient during times of stress, and who can adapt quickly to changing circumstances, can benefit everyone.

Leaders and employees alike must learn skills to be able to thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. This session presents a model of resilience that supports participants in recovering from setbacks and rebounding to higher levels of success. The business-focused content supports participants in enhancing their personal resilience, so they can strengthen their overall wellbeing and adaptability which drives more innovative solutions and better business results.

Resilience is a way of thinking and not a fixed trait that is ‘hard wired’ in us. Just like a muscle, we can practice and strengthen our patterns of thinking, preferences and behaviors. This workshop introduces 8 validated components of resilience through a debrief of The Resilience Questionnaire™ and the delivery of interactive experiential activities. Each participant receives their own resilience report which highlights individual areas of strength and development.

Program Features

  • 2 x 90 minute virtual workshops with a customized action learning assignment between sessions
  • Chat, annotation, breakout rooms, large group discussions, action planning
  • Optional: individual Resilience Questionnaire™ report debrief and coaching


  • Employees at all levels or mixed audience (leaders and employees)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Adapt positively to pressure, setbacks, challenges and change to achieve and sustain higher levels of personal effectiveness
  • Leverage resilience strengths to better manage stress
  • Apply tips and techniques to improve resilience in individual key areas of development
  • Engage others in productive ways to deal with difficult situations and seek support
  • Reflect, reframe and redirect efforts to feel a greater sense of control & security in times of change
  • Enhance the components of resilience to think, work and communicate faster and smarter
  • Leverage creative thinking to be more adaptable and ingenious in problem solving
  • Support others in increasing their resilience


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