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Data Engineering for Better Analytics Insight

Our team of Data Engineers & Architects are here to turn your data into action.

Organizations are constantly amassing data, but to derive value from it you must know how to optimize and transform that information into usable insights. We can help you turn volumes of raw data into powerful business knowledge, giving you the tools to make informed decisions quickly.

We provide complete, end-to-end data engineering solutions to give organizations of all sizes the power to collect, organize, store, analyze, and utilize vast amounts of critical data, more effectively than ever before.

Customized Data Engineering Solutions

Discover how you can leverage your data to get valuable insights in hours instead of weeks!

Reporting and Analytics Optimization 

Make the most of your data and stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your data structure for analytical reporting.

How We Help

  • Employ our proven Analytical Data Mart (ADM) solution to provide you with performance and analytical advantages such as:
    • Optimal data accuracy
    • Simplied data access
    • Maximized insightful analysis
    • Flexibility and scalability to support reporting enhancements

Data Asset Identification and Access Planning

Ensure your data asset inventory is accurate and accessible, so you can leverage data for strategic purposes

How We Help

  • Enable you to easily pinpoint gaps in your data collection
  • Give you a greater understanding of the information that’s already been collected
  • Facilitate data access planning to create a culture where decisions are informed by meaningful insights
  • Ensure that the right level of access is granted, to the right people, at the right time

Data Quality Improvement

How We Help

  • Deliver an in-depth data quality assessment to help you rapidly identify any areas for improvement to the quality of your analytical data
  • Implement automated processes to free up your time and resources while ensuring dependable, accurate data that complies with your business requirements for consistency and accuracy
  • Automate tasks, so you can trust that your data is accurate, appropriate for decision-making purposes, and compliant with any applicable regulations or standards
  • Create a higher degree of data integrity throughout the business empowers better informed decisions based on more reliable insights – faster than ever before!

ETL Workflow Creation, Tuning, Maintenance, and Support 

How We Help

  • Provide data preparation and processing expertise to create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows
  • Use industry leading technologies to clean, transform, and consolidate flat files into a data model best suited for business reporting and advanced analytics
  • Automate workflows to greatly reduce manual effort, cost, and maintenance
ETL Workflow

Data Integration Planning and Execution

How We Help

  • Create and implement a data integration plan that gives you improved intelligence for more informed decisions
  • Strategically integrate multiple, disconnected data sources
  • Provide a holistic view of your corporate initiatives, key performance indicators, customer journeys, market opportunities, and more

Data Architecture and Data Modelling 

A strong, accessible, and scalable foundation for better analytics allows you to fully leverage your data.

How We Help

  • Determine what information needs are essential and translate those business needs into data system requirements
  • Design and build an advanced architecture framework that will support your unique data strategy with integral data architecture components including setting up data pipelines, data standards, data security, AI and machine learning models, and data storage.
  • Data architecture solutions built with scalability in mind to empower organizations with high-performance analytics, so they can drive strategic decisions and maximize success

Customized Data Engineering Solutions

Our data team specializes in connecting multiple, disparate data sources to optimize data analytics and visualization.

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