Optimus SBR Data Services

Analytics Assessment & Improvement Methodology

Your organization needs to improve analytics capabilities to drive business success.

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your data and analytics needs as well as your current ability to deliver on them.

Today’s most successful businesses build high-performance analytics to take advantage of the massive amount of data available to them and translate the data insights into real business results. To advance your organization’s analytics capabilities, a data analytics assessment is a critical starting point.

Our proprietary Analytics Assessment & Improvement Methodology (AIMM) is a well honed, proven approach to assess the data and analytics related capabilities and needs of an organization. AAIM acts as a catalyst to advance your organization’s analytics capabilities by providing a customized, step-by-step roadmap that enables data-driven decisions to improve your business.

This rigorous methodology for assessing data and analytics involves recommendations on the best approach as well as tools for data preparation (ETL), data storage, data visualization, and data management. Our insight is impartial, so we recommend the best solution for your organization.