Optimus SBR Data Services

6 Step BI & Data Assessment Approach

Your organization needs to improve reporting to better understand business performance.

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your business intelligence reporting needs as well as your current ability to deliver on them.

6 Step Business Intelligence & Data Assessment Approach

The application of our exclusive 6 Step Business Intelligence & Data Assessment ensures high level data quality, so accurate, relevant BI reports will be accessible and available to the right people in your organization.

Our assessment approach helps you define what insights dashboard reports must deliver and where the data comes from. It details how to prepare, load, and store the data in a way that optimizes your insights in a data visualization tool.

This rigorous methodology for assessing business intelligence requirements and capabilities involves recommendations on the best approach and tools for data preparation (ETL), data storage, data visualization, and data management. Our insight is impartial, so we recommend the best solution for your organization.