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OPTIMUS | SBR is an innovative team of management consultants who are focused on providing value by rolling up their sleeves alongside our clients and getting the work done to achieve outstanding results.

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The DNA images of OPTIMUS | SBR consultants hang as art in our offices. The DNA images of BLG consultants will be added in our new offices. It’s a match already.

BottomLine Group has joined OPTIMUS | SBR and we’re genuinely excited for our clients. With BLG now officially OPTIMUS | SBR, you can expect even more breadth and depth of service in strategy, process improvement and project management plus additional industry-specific expertise in areas like risk management, learning and enablement and procurement and sourcing. Together, we are problem solvers — inspiring innovative solutions through our creativity and ability to execute.

OPTIMUS | SBR attracts the best: great clients, outstanding consultants and now BottomLine Group, a team without peer in their areas of focus. KEVIN OPTIMUS | SBR Managing Director Same great team, yet now with more capacity, more scope, more expertise. That’s a win for our clients and everyone involved. ALEXA BLG Managing Partner

We believe asking and answering questions paves the way to open communication and clarity. What follows are the basic FAQs regarding BottomLine Group and OPTIMUS | SBR - or please feel free to ask us anything else by visiting the Contact page and getting in touch.

BottomLine Group is a GTA-based management consulting firm. They commenced operations in 2002, and have built a strong, industry-focused reputation in business strategy, learning and enablement, risk management and strategic sourcing, with specialized expertise in corporate travel and meetings.
Proven strategic thinking and consulting based on deep, industry experience in helping their clients turn vision and strategy into reality, whether through their unique approach to learning and enablement or processes and expertise in risk management, procurement and sourcing.
OPTIMUS | SBR commenced operations in 2010 and has enjoyed tremendous growth since. Based in Toronto, OPTIMUS | SBR serves the financial services industry, health care, energy, infrastructure, public sector organizations and social market organizations. Services include strategy development, process improvement, advanced project management, research-based decision-making and leadership development.
Short answer: Getting things done and delivering client value.
Longer answer: Helping clients realize the genuine benefits of improving strategic development, process development, project management and leadership development.
Short answer: Both organizations have increased their depth of expertise and breadth of experience; clients will have more opportunity to experience our genuine commitment to getting things done.
Longer answer: BLG customers will be able to choose from a wider scope of services including project management, process improvement and strategy development - all tailored to their organizations and based on deep industry experience. OPTIMUS | SBR customers will gain opportunities to further enable their organizations with learning programs, risk management and sourcing capabilities.
With BottomLine Group onboard with OPTIMUS | SBR, our consultants will now enjoy more training opportunities, a diversified career path, and access to a broader range of industries and types of engagements. In short, there is more opportunities for growth and development for our team.
At this time, both organization brands will be referred to as OPTIMUS | SBR
Officially, BLG joined OPTIMUS | SBR on July 1, 2017. We've been connecting the two organizations as seamlessly as possible ever since. That's working well and we wanted to get it right before we launched the new OPTIMUS | SBR to the world at large.
For media inquiries, please contact Katie Wilson.